Diversity for SALVATORE PLATA is difference, it is coexistence, it is beauty and it is FREEDOM.

SALVATORE PLATA offers as many versions of jewelry as there are versions of people and DIVERSITY does not set limits… If there is something that characterizes SALVATORE PLATA in these more than 25 years in the jewelry market, it is diversity. Experience has taught us that diversity is difference and variety and that is how we are, DIFFERENT AND VARIED.

Our more than 1,000 clients in Spain and the more than 40 countries that work with our brand know that we are daring, that we are brave, that we are the Spanish silver jewelry brand that has known how to evolve with different fashions, with the incessant changes of the world. market and offers a wide variety of styles, lines and designs to suit each client, each style, each taste.

And that is DIVERSITY, the DNA of SALVATORE PLATA that accompanies us in the creation of each collection and now more than ever.

For this Autumn-Winter 2022/23, SALVATORE PLATA breaks all the rules, takes risks in colors and designs, approaches variety and seeks the freedom to express himself as each one needs.

We bet on key designs that we call ungendered (without gender) since the wonderful world to which we dedicate ourselves, jewelry, does not understand stereotypes or genders.

Gold is once again one of the must-haves for this autumn-winter, it appears mirror-polished in large leaf-like pieces, exuberant feathers and also in calabrotte links with vibrant enamels in bold colors offered by the new GLOW line. Gold is intensified in delicate jewels with white zircons and, of course, we find it mattified in lighter and more wearable jewels, such as the successful BAMBOO line.

The shapes are accentuated and the more urban character is transferred to sober lines in black and white like JAZZ. BOHO presents an infinite number of rings, all of which can be combined with each other, such as “champion” sets of 4 rings already made by our designers, always accompanied with hoop earrings of different sizes, spectacular matching rigid bracelets and our SFERA necklace, the iconic piece of DIVERSITY in three finished.

Our VIBRANT collection is full of guaranteed successes, small earrings in various colors, earrings for special moments in pink, blue and aqua green tones with matching rings and mini jewelery that is very wearable on a daily basis. As well as our MINIJEWELS, one of the top sellers year after year in our collections.

Lines focused on special events, large earrings and rings with exquisite designs and a color combination that makes you fall hopelessly in love with them. For the brides, chokers, bracelets and wonderful and elegant earrings that combine subtle touches of blue, green and peach.
SALVATORE PLATA is different, he is free, he is daring, he is DIVERSITY